From the United States, Japan, Germany, Singapore, Italy and France to Korea, Taiwan, Turkey, China, Mexico, Brazil, India, Slovakia and Russia. For global companies, this means Makino is there to support your operations, no matter where you take them.


With more than 4000 employees worldwide, the world headquarters of Makino Milling Machine Company is in Japan, headed by the President Mr. Shinichi Inoue.

Makino machine tools and solutions in Japan, China, Korea and Taiwan, they manufacture a major part of the complete line of Makino machine tools. Makino Japan also develops and delivers turnkey engineering process solutions and manufacturing systems.


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The United States of America

Makino operates twelve Regional Tech Centers, each strategically located in areas that are home to many of the leading manufacturers in North and South America. Makino Regional Tech Centers provide local sales, service and training as well as new product and technology demonstrations.

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Asia and Singapore

Responsible for distribution in Southeast Asia and India, Makino Singapore manufactures vertical milling machines and machining centres and both wire and sinker EDM machines  and features a foundry for machine tool sub-components. In addition, on-site experts and Makino Engineering Services are available to help customers develop turnkey systems and solutions. 

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