Do you manufacture automotive lighting moulds, do micro machining or cut hard material?

The ultimate precision of these dream machines enable mirror surfaces in optical quality, milling of tungsten carbide and sub-micron pitch accuracies. 

Eliminate manual reworking with the Makino mirror-surface finish technology

Fly-eye lens mould 

Material : Stainless steel (STAVAX, 52HRC)

Size: 55 x 45 x 32 mm
Surface Finish: Ra ~0.5 µm
Small corner radius: R0.3 mm

Micro-milling machine for ultra-precise performance

Mould base plate for lens
Material: Stainless steel (STAVAX, 52HRC)
Size (diameter × height): 16 × 30 mm
Finishing tool: R0.2 Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) Ball end mill
Surface finish:    Ra: 17.47 nm
                              Rz: 97.19 nm


Cutting and grinding of cemented carbide on one machine

Tool insert mould
Material: Tungsten carbide (87.5HRA, 70HRC)
Size (L x W × H): 13 × 13 × 20 mm
Finishing tool: Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) Ball end mill
Surface finish: Ra 20.7 nm

Technical Specifications

  iQ300 iQ500
Pallet size (mm)

600 x 400

800 x 500

X (mm)



Y (mm)



Z (mm)



Rapid Traverse (mm/min)

16000 (X&Y), 8000 (Z)

16000 (X&Y), 8000 (Z)

Spindle RPM (min-1)

45,000 HSK- E32

45,000 HSK- E32

Max Workpiece (mm)

600 x 580 x 170

755 x 500 x 300

Max Workpiece weight (kg)



*Optional Specification

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