Four exclusive world premieres at EMO 2017

How do you keep up with the ever-changing market demands and production requirements? How do you optimise your manufacturing process to achieve the lowest cost per part or the highest accuracy? 

If you didn't have the chance to meet us in Hannover you still have the possibility to get a live demo of the featured products - contact us for more details


a500Z 5-axis horizontal machining centre: Reliable and efficient production with 5-axis flexibility! 

The highly rigid machine structure and low inertia of the a500Z ensure the same  efficiency of this 5-axis horizontal machining centre one would normally expect from a 4-axis machine.  

  • High-performance, high-torque 303 Nm Makino spindle
  • Active-cooling of critical machine components to ensure no thermal expansion
  • Direct-drive rotary table to provide 5-axis flexibility
  • Maximum work-piece dimension and weight: ø630 mm x 500 mm and 400 kg 



L2 5-axis vertical machining centre: Optimum solution for high-volume parts production

The new Makino L2 5-axis  vertical machining centre delivers high accuracy and rigidity from a ultra-compact footprint. Two models dedicated for indexing applications and impeller machining, respectively, will be launched at EMO in Hannover this year. Both have been custom-designed for high-volume, small-part manufacturing processes, ready for automation.

  • High-speed 5-axis table
  • A axis twin DD motor & twin brake
  • C axis DD motor & brake
  • Easy integration into different automation solutions including exterior loading arms and fixed or movable robot loaders




V80S 5-axis vertical machining centre: An evolutionary concept for best surface finishing of plastic injection moulds

This new next-generation Makino high-speed vertical 5-axis machining centre delivers the best surface-quality with the least cycle time. Featuring a titling spindle design, the V80S takes advantage of slant machining, using shorter tools to achieve better surface quality along with reduced vibration, tool deformation and an increased feed-rate. 

  • High-speed 20,000 min-1 spindle
  • A / C axis DD motor 
  • High rigidity with a compact force loop
  • Tilting spindle head prevents unwanted motion for simultaneous 5-axis machining
  • X, Y, Z : 1,300 x 1,000 x 600 mm





EDAF3 H.E.A.T.: 4 times less electrode wear with graphite electrodes

The new EDAF3 sinker-EDM comes with Makino's popular H.E.A.T. technology, available until now in the U series wire EDM machines. . The new EDAF comes with improved feed rates up to 5,000 mm/min in the X- and Y-axes. Another feature, HS-Rib, gives the Z-axis a jump speed of 20m/min, a 31% increase over the current model.

  • Faster feedrates
  • New flushing control