Makino machine Productivity MAXimiser (MPMAX) is a real-time cnc machine process control and data management system that provide manufacturers the visibility necessary to fully optimise production efficiency.

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Centralised display and control of shop floor data

Connect multiple machines on a single network to a centralised computer.

MPmax is able to collect, store, analyse and display high volumes of actionable machine data in real time.

Possibility to detect and react to bottlenecks on the fly and on the go, minimising downtime with instant mobile alerts and remote machine monitoring.

Highlights of MPmax:

  • Flexible tool, program, fixture and process management
  • Transfer tool data directly from the presetter to MPmax
  • Display of machine chambers through connected cameras
  • Evaluate necessary maintenance intervention
  • Detect bottlenecks
  • Find available capacities for new job assignment
  • Detailed alarm analysis 
  • Convenient graphical overview of
    –Machine utilisation

    –Different states

  • Email notification according to schedule and machine status
  • Display of machine energy consumption

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