Do you expect professional service for your Makino machining centres and EDMs?

As a reliable partner, Makino Service regularly checks that your machines are in proper condition – details that are essential for your production security.

This will reduce your workload and allow you to focus on your production. You will receive reports, which also contain recommendations for additional measures if failures are discovered. Makino Service will coordinate and carry out such measures on request.

Makino Service Inspections: Trust the experts!

Here you can find more details of and service contacts for our six service inspection programmes – the optimal way of maintaining the value of your machine: everything from a general service inspection, a geometry check, laser measurements, a circularity test or one-day machine check-up to a leak test on the main spindle. 

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01 General Service Inspection

Reduce downtimes

The general service inspection gives you an overview of the current status of your technical equipment.

Makino provides you with expert advice and one of our Service Technicians will check all the production-relevant components of your machining centre. Then you receive a detailed report, a checklist of any failures and recommendations for spare parts.

All this brings you a decisive additional benefit: This general service inspection is a means of actively maintaining the value of your Makino machining centre or EDM!



02 Geometry Check

Basic precision for quality-oriented production.

Maintain the basic precision of your Makino machine and safeguard your long-term competitive advantage!

A high degree of precision at the workpiece does away with the need for reworking. Even after intensive use, a machine should perform reliably and with great precision. Regular checks ensure optimum long-term performance.

Our geometry check, which is carried out within a day, is seen as a good investment by Makino customers. For machining centres the geometry check includes a levelling check, measuring the perpendicularity of all the travel axes against each other, and measuring the concentricity of the milling spindle and its perpendicularity to the mounting planes. The indexing accuracy of the B-axis to the main spindle is also checked. The geometry check for EDMs includes a levelling check, measuring the perpendicularity of all the travel axes against each other, and measuring the cutting heads or the C-axis of sinker EDMs.

03 Laser Measurement

100% accuracy thanks to laser interferometry

The accuracy check also serves as comprehensive check of your production facility.

We offer laser interferometry measurements in accordance with VDI/DGQ 3441. After all, maintaining the precision properties of your Makino equipment secures long-term positioning repeatability at the workpiece.

We recommend performing a geometry check prior to laser measurement to ensure the mechanical components are in good condition. Measurement and optimisation via laser correction can be performed on site during non-production times.

04 Circularity Test

Increase positioning accuracy: Debugging and adjustment of incorrect settings

The circularity test is used, among other things, to check the positioning accuracy of your CNC machine.

For this test Makino uses a measuring instrument that complies with the highest quality standards in measuring the accuracy of the X and Y travel axes. The dynamic condition of the detailed axes is determined by means of circular interpolation. The various contour deviations indicate any possible misadjustments. Any excessive backlash of the axes caused by wear will be immediately apparent. Then you receive a report detailing specified recommendations for further actions. The measures required to improve machine accuracy will be implemented by our Makino Service personnel after consultation with you.

05 Leak Test on Main Spindle

Leak test on Makino milling spindles: Avoid premature wear and leaks

Intensive use of your Makino machine will cause wear on various assemblies. The result may be consequential damage or even the destruction of key machine components, all of which may initially remain unnoticed. A coolant leak, for example, requires major repair or replacement of production-relevant components, which naturally results in substantial machine downtime.

An annual leak test of your main spindle checks if the rotary feed-through for the outer coolant is leak-tight, and performs a load test on the inner coolant supply. Artificial pressure is applied over a certain period of time to quickly identify any spots that are leaking. If pressure fluctuations or a significant loss of pressure occurs during the test, the leak tightness of the main spindle assembly must be reinstated. Thus, a comparably small measure such as replacing the coolant rotary feed-through quite easily helps to avoid major damage. By using original Makino spare parts you are acting in a quality-conscious, preventive way!




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