Spindle repairs and replacement from a single source

Main spindles from Makino are extremely powerful, precise and durable

That is why it is so important to only use original parts. We advise against installing used spindles from third-party providers to avoid unscheduled downtimes during production. Hiring third-party service providers may also cause unnecessary complications since they neither have access to the product drawings for the Makino machines nor are they as specialised as our highly trained Makino Service Technicians.

Makino guarantees a very high degree of spare parts availability from our spindle spare parts warehouse.

Installation of a new spindle: A Makino Service Technician will replace the defective main spindle with a new spindle or a spindle overhauled by Makino. The aim is for you to be able to plan your machine downtime along with coordinated service activities, and for production to recommence smoothly immediately afterwards.

Spindle Inspection

To avoid unscheduled downtimes, Makino recommends an annual check of your main spindle within the scope of our maintenance contracts.

What the inspection involves:
After the main spindle data have been measured and documented, you receive a helpful measurement protocol to document the current condition of your Makino main spindle.

Makino Spindle Hotel 

The main spindle is the heart of your Makino machine and must be checked regulary, even when not in use. We offer you the possibility to store your spare spindle and keep it ready for operation.

This facility is available for all standard Makino spindle models on request.

Your Benefits

  • Minimise downtimes with fast and reliable availibility
  • Professional storage of your spindle at our location
  • Annual check by our specialists
  • Start of warranty period after delivery



Main Spindle Hose Package

The hoses of the main spindle assembly will wear. After a couple of years they will harden, become brittle and shrink.


Damage to bearings, defective cooling of the main spindle assembly or even complete failure.


Replacement of main spindle hoses after 16,000 hours machine operating time.

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