Makino service audits 

Various components may influence overall machine performance. Makino recommends the service audits to assess your machine's condition.

01 Complimentary Audit

This performance audit is a free of charge service offered during a regular service intervention. It provides proactive Service initiatives and maintenance recommendations to improve your machine up-time and reliability.

If a more detailed machine assessment is needed, which includes in depth tests and diagnostics, ask for our Machine Performance Audit (MPA) or Machine Accuracy Audit (MAA). 

Click here to order the Makino Complimentary Audit for your machine.

02 Machine Performance Audit

The machine performance audit gives you a quick overview of the condition of your Makino machine within a day.

If a high degree of machine availability is required, preventive measures are required. This is where this performance audit is the ideal tool since you then know for certain what condition your Makino machining centre or EDM is in. This way, unprecedented downtime and related costs can be minimised.

Our machine performance audit includes a review of all components that are important for maintaining the technical availability of your machine. Upon completion of the performance audit the Makino Service Technician will detail all the results and recommendations for action in a written report. We will be happy to perform such detailed measures on request.

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03 Machine Accuracy Audit

Various components may influence overall machine geometry and consequently your machining accuracy.

Makino recommends the accuracy audit to assess the machine's condition.

After the completion of the audit Makino service personnel will present a written proposal recommending necessary adjustments, compensations, component replacement, and maintenance procedures or our extended service product portfolio


  • Data backup
  • Geometric measurement
  • Working chamber measurement
  • Spindle runout measurement
  • Tool clamp force measurement
  • Tool handover position check


  • Lasermeasurement
  • Ballbar check

Click here to order the Makino Machine Accuracy Audit for your machine.

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