Makino at EMO 2017: Automated and connected – Precisely!


  • Four world premieres live at EMO Hannover 2017
  • Makino’s Industry 4.0 solutions highlighting automation, monitoring, preventive maintenance, autonomous production and a real-time simulation as a digital twin
  • Connectivity and cloud solutions utilising different open protocols.

At EMO this year Makino will showcase the four pillars that sit at the heart of the company’s Industry 4.0 infrastructure, namely the core technology, Industry 4.0-ready controller platforms, ProNetConneX solutions offering manufacturers a built-in, instant on-ramp to IIoT with secure connectivity, and adaptive automation solutions

With the onset of Industry 4.0 decentralized and autonomous real-time production is becoming a reality where attributes such as machine reliability, thermal stability, accuracy and repeatability are increasingly indispensable. Makino’s core technology – the first and foremost pillar – ensures that the machines can run for long unmanned operating periods without compromising on the quality of the finished product. 

Over the past few years, Makino has been developing its controller platform as a foundation to support the needs of Industry 4.0. The Makino Professional 6 and Hyper i controller for milling and EDM machines represent a milestone in this development phase. These controllers provided the stepping stone for several process that optimise smart technologies, for example Vision B.T.S. This camera-assisted smart tool breakage control function quickly validates the condition of cutting tools after each tool change and adapting autonomously to each condition – be it the velocity of the tool change for a lighter or heavier tool or the retraction of the Z-axis and the operation of the ATC shutter door. All this further reduces non-cutting time.

Makino’s Professional 6 controller is also the key component in the connectivity protocol. The ProNetConneX connectivity solutions based on different standard open protocols provide the data and connectivity necessary for smart factories to rapidly respond to ever-changing market demands. Compatibility with the latest industry protocols enable Makino’s ProNetConneX to connect with a customer’s choice of software management system from other leading providers. For example, by using ProNetConneX, machine data can be supplied to part production monitoring system, and control and interfacing to ERP systems. With support for both secure local network and cloud-based data resources, ProNetConneX give users the ability to connect, collect and analyse machine data.



At EMO Makino will also demonstrate its real-time machine process monitoring and data management software solution MPmax (Machine Productivity Maximizer), which can be integrated seamlessly into third-party solutions. 

Compatible with Makino milling machines, EDM machines, and other manufacturers’ machines that support MTConnect, MPmax acts as a central hub for monitoring critical processes across a variety of machine platforms. 

The final pillar of Makino’s Industry 4.0 infrastructure is automation where several used-cases will be showcased at EMO, ranging from pallet handling solutions to iAssist, a collaborative autonomous robot solution mounted on an automated guided vehicle (AGV) and serving both tools and workpieces to several system-connected machines. The iAssist cell will comprise of a D200Z 5-axis vertical machining centre connected to two EDAF2 sinker EDM machines and a CMM machine. iAssist will handle the workpiece, electrode and tool sequences. The process will outline the complete manufacturing process, starting with roughing on the D200Z to finishing on the EDAF2.

“At Makino precision is a mind-set and I am excited to announce that we will present to you our next-generation precise technologies at EMO 2017, 18th – 23rd September in Hall 12, Stand B36. With a wide array of case studies on automation and connectivity it’s clear that Makino is demonstrating its focus on finding the right solution for its customers towards digitization and ensure the realization of their full manufacturing potential. We are looking forward to meeting you at our booth.”

- Andreas Walbert, Head of Marketing and Product Planning, Makino Europe