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Screw Compressor Housing

Large-sized housings

Housing for pumps and compressors always have similar properties: large sizes, grey cast-iron material and very tight tolerances, specially between the holes.

Our demonstrator was as follows:
  • Material:  FC250
  • Required coaxility 10 microns
  • Size >700 mm
  • Bore size 350 mm
Large-sized housings

Finishing the 350 mm bore

In this case the machine used was an a81nx and here we are going to focus on the finishing phases. The bore was finished with:
  • 350 mm boring head
  • 40 mm lathe bar using the hale function to position the cutting edge towards the part for finishing the flange
Finishing the 350 mm bore


The final result of the machining of this part, considering roughing, and finishing
  • ​180º coaxility of 5 microns
  • Cycle time: 3 hours 59 minutes