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Digital Showroom

Experience Makino like you've never done it before

During 2020, the overall market situation has changed dramatically, events have been cancelled and travelling has become a challenge in numerous cases.

This poses a big question:

How can we bring the Makino Experience to our customers?

If the current market situation has taught us something, it is that we need to use digital technologies to come closer to our stakeholders. And that's why Makino is investing in a digital model of our showroom.
With this digital showroom we will bring the Makino Experience closer to our end-users.

Learn about the machines, how our technologies have increased the performance of our customers and what components we have produced over the years.


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Explore our facilities

During the AMB week, more than 50 webinars will be made accessible online via the digital showroom.
Visit our presentation area!

15th September: Tools 
16th September: Medical technology & Die and Mould
17th September: Software
18th September: Automation
19th September: Aerospace & EDM

Feel free to discover our facilities and learn about Makino history on the way.
Explore our facilities

Webinars of the day

9:00 Tool Bending Moment
10:00 Tool Costs vs. Productivity in Hard Metals
11:00 Machining of Inconel Using Solid Ceramic Tooling
12:00 Broken Tool detection: Good, Better, Best
13:00 Why do Makino users have significantly lower perishable tool costs?
14:00 Proper Tool selection for Die Mold Applications
15:00 Cutting large parts with large tools, Apex Precision
16:00 Benefits of Tool Balancing in Production Applications