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EMO 2019

Customer support technologies - Precisely!

Digital Transformation coming to Europe

After thousands of visits, now EMO 2019 is over but is good to see backwards to remember all displayed technologies. 

EMO 2019 has been Makino's window to show our visitors the digital breakthrough Makino is currently helping their customer to achieve.

4 different software technologies where shown:
- Digital Twin
: Complete digital representation and optimization of production resources
- Athena: Voice control over the machine
- MPmax: Worldwide monitor the production
- MHmax: To avoid unpredicted downtime through health monitoring

4 different automation solutions:
- Collaborative robot loading into Wire EDM: A cobot installation where electrical connectors where loaded to our brand new U3i machine
- PZ1 - Showing first time worldwide, Makino's pallet transfer system was displayed during EMO including all the new smart technologies coming with it.
- Automation cell for Die and Mould: For those companies which needs to automate electrode handling and pallet handling on the same cell, Makino together with Erowa showed the definite solution at EMO 
- Pallet changing solution for 3 axis machines: Those companies with a high mix of production are looking for ways to increase the autonomy of their production resources. In order to answer that demand, Makino showed during the exhibition our PS105 using a Midaco pallet changer
Digital Transformation coming to Europe

Digital Twin and Software solutions

There are lot of white papers of how a Digital Twin "should be", at EMO 2019, wanted to show what a Digital Twin "is".
On Makino's booth there was a physical representation of a complete factory which we can see in any of our customers, including:
- Milling machines
- Automation
- Operator(In our case represented by iAssist)
- Tooling room including presetter

With Makino's Digital Twin, we can digitalize all resources on the shopfloor, and simulate the production orders, existing, new, urgent or even from parts which have never been produced before. Knowing our production resources we can let the Digital Twin calculate the best way to produce the part keeping in focus deadlines or cost factors.

Apart from the Digital Twin and as part of the digital transformation our customer could experience the power of being under control of our latest digital tools.

In the central area of EMO, our customers could see Makino's answer to health diagnosis on the machine. Checking spindle, Automatic Tool Changer, coolant and hydraulic items through an easy to use User Interface. Five machines displayed, one of them live at the exhibition.

When it comes to digital natives generations, the voice control of the devices is a reality on their daily life. Athena is the solution which Makino utilizes to gain the control over the machines by using such a natural language as the voice. New operators can ask the machine how to perform the tasks, and older ones can get to understand how the operations they already know can be done in Makino machines

Our new version of MPmax was also shown at EMO 2019. Machines from EMO, Hamburg, Kirchheim unter Teck, Bratislava and Singapore could be monitor on the touch panel at the exhibition.

Data is empowering nowadays producers, and having a complete overview of your facilities, iidentifying bottle necks and quality issues, the production manager of today, can use MPmax to dramatically increase the output of their production
Digital Twin and Software solutions

Electro vehicle Focus

Automotive market is experiencing a dramatic transformation. The changes towards electro vehicles(EV) and the decline of the ICE(Internal combustion engine) has been changing the market in ways never seen before.

Our customers are also facing this transformation and they are faced with challenges which the industry has not really address yet.

To be able to walk the path to our customers, we wanted to put a high focus during this EMO on the electro vehicle market. Here we have shown dedicated solutions or technologies which are the solution needed for the new market.

- Motor housing machining: Our customers are facing the situation that to produce the motor housing, the only solution with a proper spindle in the market is an HSK-A100 machine for a part which is roughly around 350 mm size. Makino wants to give our customer a competitive advantage, by showing them how our a51nx for EV can produce the same parts with a smaller size spindle. A much more clever investment on a right size machine

- EV water pump: Another part which we have seen requesting a higher than necessary size machine are the water pumps, therefore at EMO we showed how our L2 machine with a small ATC modification can also produce these components

- Electrical connectors: Connectors for EV cars are normally bigger than normal ones and accuracy needed is quite high. During EMO, we have a cell consisting in a 3 axis milling machine,F5, to produce the plate for the connector, a 5 axis milling machine, D200Z, to mill the 5 axis geometries and a sinker EDM machine, EDAF3, for the cavities which cannot be milled. The final process was wire EDMing on our brand new U3i, which was loaded by a 6 axis collaborative robot

- Fuel cell: In EV cars, one of the solutions on the market are fuel cell cars using material such as Hydrogen as fuel. In order to produce the Fuel cell plates, we need molds which are taking more than 100 hours to produce and requires accuracies of 3 to 5 micron. Our IQ500 on the exhibition was showing our customers how this kind of machining can be a reality

Electro vehicle Focus

PZ1 - Smartest automation

Our newest Pallet Transfer System - PZ1 was also presented at EMO. PZ1 is dedicated to those automation where up to 4 machines are needed and around 60 pallet.

Being designed as a compact and module system, PZ1 installation is being done in a very smooth and fast installation.

Our visitors could see the system moving at it's maximum speed of 120 m/min using our smart routing functions to determine the easiest and fastest route to the objective. In case heavier weight is loaded into the pallet, the vehicle by itself will determine the fastest speed he can move on a safe way.

And in order to control the utilization and the OEE of our system, our visitors could check the status on our brand new Dashboard for our MAS-A5 system
PZ1 - Smartest automation

iAssist - Connected by 5G

iAssist was a world wide premier when first introduced by Makino in 2017.   iAssist is a mobile automation, an AGV with a "cobot" mounted on top.

It's duty? Assist our workers to be more effective. As we know, worldwide, and in Europe specifically, there is a lack of qualified workforce, and to make it worse, lot of bulk jobs are currently done by workers, wasting their time, when they could be doing higher value jobs. iAssist objective is to take care of those jobs, such as moving tools to presetter, components to the machine or even doing small maintenance jobs

But since 2017 we learned that an AGV working on WI-FI net...was not sufficient when working at customer side. We need to have the capacity to send higher amount of  data to iAssist, and a much better latency so iAssist can react fast and avoid accidents or performing faster the tasks.

Therefore, this year we have partnered with Ericsson and Fraunhoffer IPT to make the first real case of industrial application of 5G technology. As still the 5G network is not set in Hannover, we created our own 5G network in the exhibition ground and connected our iAssist control unit to the Digital Twin. This way, we could send all production orders, tasks and tool information to our robot and with a latency that visitors will not feel the delay due to communication issues
iAssist - Connected by 5G