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Unique Makino

Our unique manufacturing process

"Quality first" has been our backbone since Mr. Makino coined this motto. Quality is not just about the machines, J. Makino stated that Quality First applies to products, services and employees with the objective on mind to gain the trust among users, sellers and manufacturers


Makino is different from other machine tool builders in its building approach and manufacturing philosophy. This difference is highly noticeable when visiting one of the production facilities. Through this approach the quality Makino is known for is transferred into its’ product. The unique manufacturing process of Makino is structured and constantly refined to build the quality and value Makino is recognized for. The Makino management remains to invest a great amount of time, effort, and resources into making a workflow that is more efficient and flexible than any of its competitors. As a result, such flexibility permits Makino to quickly customize each machine tool order allowing different configurations.


The Process

Once you look at the assembly floor, you will understand that you are seeing something unique. At Makino, you will not see hundreds of the same machines lined up in an assembly line fashion. Instead, you will see a variety of machines with different options being added. You will see machines being built from the ground up in its own localized area with strict attention to detail, accuracy, and quality. The parts are being brought to the assembly area following a very strict schedule to reduce time and minimizing any unnecessary movements of the assembler. This process is unbelievably productive without sacrificing detail to attention and accuracy


When visiting a  Makino factory a large number of machines can be seen but each one is built by a highly skilled assembler. Makino machines are hand built. Building a Makino is considered as a craft and is not found in the commodity of machine tool builders. Makino assembles are pride of their work. Everything is protected, polished and their tools are properly placed.


Makino puts the best parts and elements around their skilled employees to maintain the quality of the machines.  A lot of attention is taken to restrict the thermal growth in every machine built at all manufacturing facilities. Spindles are assembled in a dedicated isolated area in order to prevent any contamination of the core of the spindle and the cooling channels.

Makino is widely recognized for its ability to control heat and thermal growth during a machine's operation. This is just another reason why Makino machines are stable, solid and very precise.



As part of the Makino digital transformation, new state-of-the-art technologies are being applied to the factory, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) capabilities increase productivity and connectivity between the systems. All technologies which are later on rolled out to customers are first proven out in our own production and tested in our technical school