Makino V90S VMC Delivers Maximum Precision and High Quality Finishes with Continuous 5-Axis Machining for Large Die and Mold Applications

Makino V90S VMC Delivers Maximum Precision and High Quality Finishes with Continuous 5‑Axis Machining for Large Die and Mold Applications

Introducing the next-gen vertical machining center for true 5-axis continuous processing, the V90S.

MASON, Ohio – June, 2018 – This high-precision VMC evolved from the 3-axis Vi series and boasts an updated spindle and titling/rotating axis unit that supports tighter tolerances and decreased machining and polishing times. The V90S combines quick machine movements and accuracies with the latest software for high-speed motion control. Designed for high-speed finishing of multifaceted, 3-D contours, the V90S cuts cycle times and reduces handwork in complex specialty dies and molds.

Now more than ever, mold manufactures are struggling to meet demands for the utmost quality and accuracy, while managing capacity constraints. This is why a new level of 5-axis machine performance is essential in today’s market,” said William Howard, vertical product line manager at Makino. “The V90S was designed to meet these accuracy requirements, provide the finest finishes, maintain tight tolerance and increase productivity to boost capacity. Its light weight, 20,000-rpm spindle is ideal for high-speed finish machining of dies and molds.”

To maximize work-zone volume and load capacity, the V90S can accommodate workpiece sizes up to 2200 x 1500 x 700 mm, weighing 5000 kg, such as automobile door inner panels and front grilles. The X, Y and Z axes (2000 x 1300 x 800 mm, respectively) provide swift movements with rapid traverse rates of 58,000mm/min and cutting feedrates of 40,000mm/min. The V90S’s A axis tilts at + or – 30 degrees, wide enough to machine holes for an angular pin, while the C axis rotates at + or – 60 degrees, insuring that  tool tip can be positioned to provide optimum contact with the workpiece - extending tool life, providing outstanding surface finishes and minimizing post machining hand processes.                
Improved Accessibility and Tooling flexibility
Equipped with a unique wide-open front door and open-ceiling design, the V90S provides improved ergonomics for operators to load and unload workpieces, and open ceilings for overhead crane access to the worktable. The work zone of the machine is designed to move chips into internal troughs and are evacuated with the lift-up chip conveyor. As a result, the V90S extends tool life and has exceptional surface finishes even in applications requiring fine tool blends and matches.
Designed with a rigid base construction using a slant column structure, the V90S minimizes spindle overhang and reduces deformation to provide a stable platform for high-precision processing, unsurpassed access to the work and improved tooling flexibility. This stiffness combined with tilting spindle capability enables manufacturers to process curved surfaces using multiple sides of ball-end mills, leading to higher quality machined surfaces. Additionally, the machine’s slim spindle nose design (only 165mm diameter) provides greater accessibility and closer proximity to critical workpiece features with a wider variety of tools. The standard V90S automatic tool changer (ATC) can store up to 40 tools, with a maximum tool length of 300mm and diameter of 70mm, improving production times and tool carrying capacity. As an option, the machine can be equipped with a 120 tool magazine.

User-Friendly Interface, Competitive Control Capabilities 
The V90S is set with Makino’s Professional 6 (Pro6) control. With streamlined screen layouts, operator assistance features and new machine functions, Pro6 boasts a seamless interface for operators to maximize productivity.

Within the Pro6 control is Makino’s Super Geometric Intelligence (SGI.5) software—built specially for high-feedrate, tight-tolerance machining of complex 3-D contoured shapes involving continuous tiny blocks of NC data. SGI.5 enables the machine to feed at rates faster than standard CNC systems while maintaining high levels of accuracy using a combination of highly refined AC digital servos and proprietary software. Its high-resolution, 3 million pulses per revolution (PPR) feedback system ensures that the servo system operates at optimum performance during execution of the toolpath. Depending upon the geometry of the application, SGI.5 produces 20 to 60 percent faster cycle times while upholding accuracy and surface finishes.

Additionally, the V90S features Makino’s proprietary Collision Safe Guard technology—a function that runs real-time interference checks to avoid spindle crashes. By combining on-board machine geometry models with workpiece, fixture and tooling data input by the user, Collision Safe Guard is able to predict and stop the machine prior to collision, protecting the fixture, tooling and workpiece, and investments in the machines.

See the V90S at Makino’s booth in the South Hall at IMTS 2018.

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Kara Valz
Director of Marketing
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