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Transform Your Career Path with Makino

Working at Makino is to have a clear goal – to be the first choice partner – our international team sees no border for cooperation. Our modern technology centres across Europe provide excellent conditions for continuous learning. With us you will have a challenging set of tasks of local and international scope in a friendly working atmosphere. 
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Transform Your Career Path with Makino

A team dedicated to you

In Makino we can only deliver the best-in-class support  to our customers by working as "One-Makino".

Human Resources works with all departments throughout the company to nurture working conditions and wellbeing. They look after candidates, new comers and existing employees with the same care and respect.

We will ensure that the onboarding process is, as easy as possible, coordinating the different departments to make a smooth and enjoyable transition.

Ensuring the best support to our external and internal customers is our way of being.

That's our Promise of Performance.

If you are interested in working in Makino or have doubts of the recruiting process do not hesitate to contact us under:
+49 (0)7021-503 219

Company Overview

In a world of ever-evolving technology, Makino prides itself on leading from the cutting edge. We don’t just solve manufacturing challenges for today; we focus on the future, keeping our customers ready to conquer whatever comes next. We lead the industry in machinery design and digital innovation, offering game-changing solutions for premium performance. We’re known for producing and selling the world’s most accurate, highest-quality metal-cutting and EDM machines to manufacturers in industries from aerospace to semiconductors. You’ll find us in locations all across the globe.  
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Company Overview