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Sinker EDM

Productive technologies that deliver high precision with superb surface finish quality with a revolutionary control system.
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Efficient Sinker EDM Solutions for Complex, High Quality Parts

Sinker EDM uses an energized shaped electrode in a submerged bath of dielectric fluid to machine conductive metals, and offers an efficient manufacturing method to produce complex part details that are difficult to machine by other methods.  Makino EDMs are designed for supreme reliability and industry leading precision, and produce high quality surface finishes while minimizing the number of required electrodes for lower manufacturing costs.

Touchscreen control 

Makino EDMs stand apart with the intuitive Hyper-i control system, a streamlined and efficient interface that helps you get work done faster.  A large high definition 24” touch screen functions like a smart device (phone/tablet), allowing operators of all skill levels to benefit from its inviting and familiar operation that substantially reduces training requirements.  The Hyper-i control further elevates an operator’s capability with several integrated advanced functions, such as hyper-linked digital manuals and video tutorials, E-Tech Doctor, and EZ-Cut that deliver higher levels of productivity to the operator’s fingertips.

Makino offers a range of Sinker EDM machining solutions.


With pinpoint sub-micron precision and outstanding surface finish, these are ideal for small electronics and micromachining applications. 


The EDAF-Series achieves high speed performance and excellent surface finish, and is ideal for demanding part requirements found in Die/Mould applications.  The machine utilizes a stationary work table with a rise and fall work tank for excellent ergonomic access to the work zone and for simplified automation.  Floor space is minimized by incorporating the dielectric reservoir into the base casting of the machine, which also improves accuracy and thermal stability.


Effective and reliable performance, combined with an ergonomic machine layout, drive efficiency for general precision machining. A dielectric reservoir and ATC (Automatic Tool Change) unit is built into the base casting to minimize floor space.


The EDNC-Series offer seven models to accommodate a wide range of large work piece sizes.  The machines utilize a user-friendly and ergonomic design that delivers high speed performance and excellent surface finish capabilities.  The machines can be equipped with the HS-Rib high speed jump Z-Axis that enables these large machines to be as productive and accurate as smaller machines.

Learn how Makino innovation is driving production 

Makino is the world leader in EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining). With more than 140 patents, a Makino EDM means faster processing times and superior surface finishes for even the most complex part geometries. See how Makino turns innovation and technology into increased production and a lower cost per part for our customers.

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