Sinker EDM


Sinker EDM

The EDAF2 sinker EDM machine offers an ideal mix of high-speed machining, high accuracy and surface finish capability to efficiently tackle any job.

At the heart of the machine is a robust and rigid structure that provides sustained long-term precision. The EDAF2 has a space-saving design that integrates the dielectric reservoir into the base casting of the machine, which reduces floor space requirements while improving thermal stability. The machine’s thermal stability is further enhanced with active liquid cooling of the Y-axis and Z-axis structures that keeps the entire machine at a stable temperature.
The EDAF2 offers a flexible machine design that utilizes a stationary worktable with a programmable rise-and-fall work tank. Operators will find that the machine provides excellent operator ergonomics with superb access to the work tank, and the design simplifies the integration of ATC (automatic tool changer) and automation systems to extend unmanned operation. The EDAF2 is available with an optional 50mm  and 100mm  table-down configuration that provides additional depth to the work tank. Operational safety is also a vital requirement, and the EDAF2 features a standard built-in fire extinguishing system and U/V flame sensor that monitors the machining process. 

Technical Specifications

The EDAF2 is loaded with machining technologies that deliver optimum productivity for every application.  Makino’s proprietary generator and adaptive power control technologies ensure efficient machining while achieving the highest level of accuracy and surface integrity. Dedicated settings such as HyperCut, SuperSpark™ IV and ArcFree empower the operator with practical tools to accomplish a wide variety of work. The powerful yet user-friendly Hyper-i control system complements and elevates the capability of the EDAF2 into a streamlined package that delivers a paradigm shift in efficiency and productivity to all operations. 

*Note: The standard specification may vary depending on the country.

Table: 550 × 350 mm
X: 350 mm Y: 250 mm Z: 250 mm

Maximum Workpiece Weight

500 kgs

Tank Size

700 x 500 x 300 mm

Max Electrode Weight

75 kgs