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DA300 and Electronic Boxes

Electronic boxes

Electronic boxes have been used in all possible applications from consumables to aerospace.

But with the rise of the electric car the situation has changed a lot and the number of parts and their complexity are also changing. The automotive industry now requires lighter and more complex shapes.

At Makino we have a machine that beats the rest of the portfolio for these components, the DA300. The DA300’s speed, acceleration and dynamics make it the best choice for machining electronic boxes.
Electronic boxes

Our sample part

We have designed our electronic box with:
  • Cooling holes
  • Radiator
  • Bosses
  • Seal slot
  • Features on all sides
Our sample part

Side holes

For the side holes we positioned with the 5-axis function, drilled the holes and then used a SNAP chamfering tool from Heule.

SNAP does front and back chamfering in just one tool. The advantage of using SNAP is that it allows us to access the back chamfer of side holes, which would otherwise have to be machined later in a manual process. SNAP has been specifically designed for automatic operations involving large production lots.
Heule - SNAP
Side holes