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EDAF2 Fine Hole Arm Removal

Fast conversion from a sinker to a micro drilling machine

It is so easy...

... and fast to install or remove the guide holding arm from the EDAF2 with fine hole specification. In just a few minutes you can turn this ultra-high-precision micro-hole drilling EDM with tube electrode diameters down to 0.08 mm into a fully functional premium sinker EDM delivering the utmost precision.

The EDM hole drilling technology with 300 mm long copper pipes, 60 - 100 bar flushing through the tube and 1,000 rpm at the spindle allows you to produce hole after hole with diameters from 0.11 to 2 mm at very high precision and speed. Aspect ratios of 1:50 can be reached. Electrodes and guides can be changed automatically, enabling different diameter micro holes to be drilled without manual control or intervention.