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The importance of a proper emulssion

Metalworking fluid controller - Will Fill

The coolant is a critical point of the process. Using the incorrect oil or having it on the wrong proportions inside the coolant tank can come to a serious reduction of the tool life, and even to fragile breaking of the tool tip. Additionally, foaming when adding the oil to the mixture is a common problem by manufacturers, it leads to huge dirtyness, waste of resources and adding to much antifoaming can even make obstructions on the piping.

Some of the solutions to solve this issue is to use products such as Will fill patented unit. The unit is measuring concentration and temperature of the fluid (among other things) and if there is to less concentration, the unit will mix inside the system and pour the emulssion already mixed at the proper level. The technology is automatically working and is also creating a log file and either sending to the cloud or to a fog PC.
Will fill
Metalworking fluid controller - Will Fill