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EMO 2021 - The Magic World of Metal Working


4 axis performance in a 5 axis machine

a40 SE

Higher performance in alu. die cast

U6 H.E.A.T.

Discover the 0.4 wire


Excellence in medical applications


High volume performance in 5 axis


High-Speed 5-Axis machining
Dear Business Partner,
EMO 2021 in Milano has been a fantastic experience to meet us again.  It has been some thrilling days full of discussions and projects, the start of the recovery of global economies and the industrial landscape is forcing everyone to accelerate the recovery. Makino acknowledges the importance for manufacturers and we want to bring you the latest news and technologies, even for those of you who could not attend EMO 2021.

If you missed  Makino’s booth in Milan with more than 600 m2 where we featured 5-axis horizontal, vertical and EDM solutions for industrial components and for die and mould applications then visit our virtual booth in the link bellow 
Experience EMO 2021

Get ready!

Together with the the recovery of the industrial landscape, it is also coming a change on the production landscape. The deadlines are shorter than ever, the lot sizes are decreasing and the jobs are changing fast. To remain competitive, we need to be more flexible.

To support you on this hard task, we want to show at EMO 2021, solutions to increase your performance and remain competitive.

- Our new 5 axis horizontal machining centre: The a800Z
- Our new revision of the a40. More especialized than ever in aluminium die casting. The a40 SE
- Our new Wire EDM machine with an astonishing 0.4 mm wire: The U6 H.E.A.T. extreme
- Our new Slim3n is more flexible than ever. Slim3n-5AX
- Our higher performer in 5 axis, the vertical excellence for production, now more than ever dedicated for the medical sector: DA300


Performance focus

2020 changed the way we all see the world. In Makino we also took the decision to adopt a new motto "Promise of Performance". And to make a visual change we accompany our new phylosophy with a change on the design of the machines.

Everything to make clear, that although "Quality First" is what we stand for, now we go one step forward and make the promise to all the producers: Working with Makino will bring your performance to another level.

From having one of the higher MTBF(Mean Time Between Failures),  to providing the most challenging cutting conditions in the market.  But not just the pure "machine" related topics, Makino as well supports all what is around your machine, from software to automation. 

The aim is to support all your activities and deliver a single source responsability.
Performance focus

Digital performance

There are a number of factors than can cause a long-time running machine to stop. Breakdowns which could be easily stop, or that an expert can solve in a short time.

During the exhibition we will demonstrate our solutions for proactive, preventive and predictive maintenance
  • IOT centre - Proactive maintenance - The IOT hotliners on the centre monitor continuosly the machines in the market. When an error occurs they get in contact with the customer and deliver inmediate support via telephone, remote connection or augmented reality support.
  • MHmax - Our health monitoring system  controls the machine critical systems and reports the data to the user in a friendly interface. It can foresee when the systems are changing and as well advice next preventive maintenance items. The data can be later on checked in the machine or in a Fog PC
  • The new version of MPmax makes connectivity easier than ever. Connecting several production facilities is an easy task on the new web version of our most famous monitoring system.
Digital performance


Do you want to increase your performance? Do you want to see the latest news of the sector and the latest developments from Makino?

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