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Accuracy Cube

Accuracy in 3+2 machining

Accuracy in 3+2 machining

To demonstrate the accuracy of our D300, we cut a small cube by means of 3+2 index machining.
One side is used by the fixture and the other sides of the cube are separated into nine faces, i.e. 45 faces in all, which were machined to +/-5 µm.
Accuracy in 3+2 machining

Specification of the Sample

Size  60 x 60 x 60 mm
Material  NAK80 (40HRC)
Machining Time  07 hours 14 min
Tools  Two tools by two kinds
Blending accuracy  +/- 5µm in each surface

D300 – ideal for job shop die & mould applications

The closed machine structure is typical of the Makino D-Series. Together with the double-supported rotation and tilting table, the D300 design provides high rigidity and stability with a good distribution of inertia.

Thermal stability thanks to core-cooled ball screws, temperature-controlled DD motors and spindle makes the D300 a high-accuracy machine – ideal for job shop die & mould applications. 
 D300 – ideal for job shop die & mould applications