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Edge Frame

Door frames

There are a number of parts in an aircraft with dimensions that make them impossible to replicate.

At Makino we place a lot of importance on acting as consultants for our customers, understanding their needs and proposing a performance-enhancing solution.

But how can we do it with such parts? We scale down a big component to create an identically shaped but smaller-sized one – the one with the most internal challenges (long tools, complicated shapes, etc.).
Door frames

T1 Vs T2 ?

WIn this particular case the customer was unsure whether a T1 or T2 machine would be better. From the parts’ package in question some, like the door frame, were T4 parts, but most of the other parts were suitable for both a T1 and a T2.

As the process was not set, we were absolutely free to test when to use a T1 and when a T2.
After machining the part, the answer was pretty much clear to this customer.
The results showed a similar performance from both machines in terms of finishing and semi-finishing (when spindle was not fully loaded), but in roughing the advantage was clear.

T1: 15 minutes
T2: 6 minutes

The additional 500 Nm T2 can deliver makes all the difference in the final part.
When to use which machine?
  • Starting from a block: T2
  • Starting from a precise forging with very few radii: T1
  • Starting from a rough forging or with lots of radii: T2
T1 Vs T2 ?