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Mirror Surfaces

The right solution for difficult parts

Parts with mirror surface requirements are the most difficult ones. The machine, the environment and the cutting conditions have to be just right. Each and every failure is evident on the surface and can completely destroy a part’s usability.

A Makino iQ Series machine together with our know-how will give you the expertise to machine such parts without any manual polishing.

"Discoball" sample

Size  Ø16 x 30 mm
Material  1.2083 (52HRC)
Machining Time  5 hours 55 min
Tools  Five tools of Five kinds
Surface roughness Ra  17 - 24 nm

Dice in cemented carbide

Size  10 x 10 x 10 mm
Material  Binder-less carbide
Machining Time  14 hours 22 min
Tools  Four tools of Three kinds
Surface roughness Ra  0.59 nm
Dice in cemented carbide

Mould for automotive headlamp

Size  390 x 200 x 180 mm
Material  Pre-harden (40HRC)
Machining Time  93 hours 33 min
Tools  17 tools of 14 kinds
Surface roughness Ra  30 nm
Mould for automotive headlamp

Makino's iQ-Series

Our iQ Series delivers:
  • Roller-type precision guideways
  • Less vibration and no thermal growth spindle
  • S-GI.5 control
  • Mirror surface finish solution on machine tool truing system

That enables you to achieve:
  • Superior surface quality
  • Mirror surfaces without manual polishing,
  • Mirror finishing for 400 mm square moulds
  • 25μm depth of cut maintained during long machining times
  • Direct machining of carbide