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Hard Material Demonstration

L2 - Heavy duty from a small footprint

The L2 is an extremely versatile machine for high levels of production, regardless of whether you are producing hydraulic control valves, brake callipers, bearing cups or even aeroengine blades.

The roughing capacities of the L2 are sometimes belittled by an external viewer. Is it possible that this small machine can cut rough materials?

With this example we can see what kind of a “monster” is hidden in the L2.

L2 - Specifications

Let's first review the L2 in terms of its specifications:
  • Spindle:  HSK-A50
  • High torque: Max 8,000 rpm
  • Axis travel:  X 400mm, Y 300mm, Z 300mm
  • Automatic pallet changer
  • Automatic tool changer: 30 tools
  • Through-spindle coolant: 3.0MPa
  • Coolant temperature controller: 0.75kw
  • XYZ axis roller guide
L2 - Specifications


We started with a 238 x 150 x 70 mm casting block (ISO1083/JS/450-10/S) and carried out heavy-duty machining of this ductile cast iron to demonstrate the machine’s ability to perform:
  • Fine spot facing
  • High feed drilling
  • Stable face milling

Tooling and process

Tooling and process
For the process we used four tools and tried to push the machine to high limits to demonstrate what can be achieved on the real part:
  • Face mill D50 - ae:45 mm apmax: 5 mm F3500 mm/min
  • Drill D20 - F1,100 mm/min
  • Stepped drill D25xD40 - F 460/190 mm/min
  • M27x2 - F700 mm /min

As you can see, extraordinary conditions can push a machine with a small footprint to the performance of bigger horizontal machining centre.
Tooling and process