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Large Mould Insert for Car Interior

High-quality surfaces thanks to our super finisher

The shorter overhang for the tools gives you more stability on the cutting edge, while faster feed rates lead to higher productivity.

Reduction and elimination of hand polishing after machining: 70% reduction of CAM operation time on this part in 5-axis simultaneous machining compared to 3-axis operations.
High-quality surfaces thanks to our super finisher

Specification of the Sample

Size  1240 x 350 x 350 mm
Material  CENA-V (40HRC)
Machining Time  46 hours 51 min
Tools  18 tools by 13 kinds
Surface roughness Ra  0.174 µm
Specification of the Sample

V80S and V90S – the super finisher

On the V80S and V90S much more efficient movements are possible due to the slanted spindle design what reduces the machining time drastically!Much more efficient movements are possible on the V80S and V90S due to the slanted spindle design, which drastically reduces machining time.

The use of shorter tools and avoidance of zero-cutting speed at the tool tip increase tool life and allow you to machine at faster feed rates.

Moreover, you’re always safe from collisions thanks to Makino's Collision Safe Guard technology.

And last but not least, the CAM operation time is much shorter on 5-axis simultaneous machining than in 3-axis operations.