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Leading Edge Rib

Leading edge components

The leading edge of an airfoil is the portion that meets the air first. The shape of this component depends upon the function of the airfoil. In our case it is one designed to operate at high speed so the leading edge will be very sharp.

Leading edge components


After studying the part, we decided to produce it on an a61nx-5E, a 5-axis horizontal machining centre based on our long-lasting and successful a1 series.

The need to evacuate a huge amount of material in a short period makes the horizontal design a "must" in the selection of the machine tool. In fact, with some tools we exceeded an MRR of 4 litres/minute.

Our 60 kW (cont.) spindle helped us to achieve a stable process time in slightly over 10 minutes.

Machine key to the process

The machine is one of the key points in this process. The a61nx-5E has a unique pallet changer system. In the loading area we have a horizontal setup where operator can easily load the material and fixtures, most of the time without even needing a crane. Once the material is loaded, the pallet changer pivots through 45° to turn the horizontal setup into a vertical one.

Once in vertical, the 5-axis table grabs the pallet and uses the zero-point clamping system to hold the part vertically, thus giving the system both accuracy and rigidity.