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Magnetic Fixtures

Clamping necessities

The D800Z is a “monster” and can be equipped with HSK-A63 as well as HSK-A100. We needed a clamping fixture as strong as that, which at the same time would allow us access from all angles.

We looked for fixtures but discovered that most of them needed additional features on the part to use as holding points or sometimes even left marks on the gripping points. For most inserts this is not acceptable. That is why the use of magnetic plates is the right solution in such cases. Our application engineers always try to push a machine to its limits and in order to be able to sustain that pressure, we can only rely on the best. In this case it was Schunk and the MAGNOS MFRS magnetic plate. This plate ensures an extremely high holding force for milling applications and great 5-axis accessibility
Clamping necessities