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Plastic injection moulds – Base plate and inserts

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The base plate and inserts for the connector case sample are made on a Makino F5.

As part of an automation cell the machine has to deliver high repeatability in positioning and contour accuracy. In addition, good surface quality is necessary for injection mould parts.
Part of the big picture

F5 – quality on small and medium-sized parts

Finished products are becoming more complex, intricate and small. Better surfaces with smaller cutters reduce hand polishing and rework. The toolpath of NC programs requires finer accuracy.

As the F5 delivers speed and precision, it is the ideal machine for small and medium-sized moulds. Even at high spindle rotation speeds the F5 keeps spindle vibration low.

Feed-axis temperature control and the typical Makino spindle with patented Under Race Lubrication are part of the machine design.

These features and the stabile machine design allow you to use the F5 in 24/7 production environments.


The Makino solution: Base, inserts, electrodes and finishing of pins

Base and inserts 

For base and inserts we used an F5 machining centre that delivers excellent pitch accuracy and surface quality.

Graphite and copper electrodes

For the electrodes we used a Makino D200Z, our reference machine for 5-axis volumetric accuracy and surface quality. Its ability to switch from graphite, copper and steel makes it the ideal machine for switching between different jobs.

Finishing of the pins

As the pins are extremely precise, we need an extremely stable machine, especially in the Z axis. The machine chosen was the Makino Sinker EDM EDAF3, which allows us to cut to Z0 position without iteration. Moreover, its high speed and acceleration in side machining make it the ideal machine for this application.

We mentioned above the large number of electrodes needed. So how do we connect all the systems? In this case we used an Erowa Robot Dynamic solution. With their JMS system we were able to handle the electrodes from the D200Z.
Erowa Robot Dynamic