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The importance of a proper tooling room

Why balancing tools is so important

It has been widely shown that tools that have not been balanced have a much shorter tool life. The more extreme machining you do, the more important balancing is.

Rotating tools located in a spindle moving at 33,000 rpm (e.g. our MAG spindles) can cause vibration problems, which will affect tool life and surface quality in the short term and the spindle life in the long term.

In our facilities, we have chosen Haimer Tool Dynamic as the selected balancing machine. With this machine we can balance tools in a short time in a tolerance up to G1 or 1 gmm if required and increase the lifetime of the spindle, the tool and the surface quality.
Haimer Tool Dynamic
Why balancing tools is so important

Shrinking Technology

Everyone knows that the rigidity of a system is dependent on the weakest element. We therefore need to take care of all the components, and this includes the tool/tool holder/spindle assembly.

One of the tool holder technologies when cutting at high rpm or with high torque is the tool shrinking technology. The shrinking tool holders ensure an equally high clamping force around the entire contours of the tool. This concentric force also helps to have the tool as balanced and as precisely positioned as possible.

Problems like "pull-out" tools on shrinking toolholders are normally non existing and if necessary there are solutions like Safe-Lock™.

To help us with the shrinking we rely on the Haimer Power Clamp Technology. It's patented technology which helps the user to clamp tools within seconds and with the I4.0 solution on a very simple way. Additionally the cooling bodies are minimizing the cooling time till the tool is ready to be used in a fast and clean way.

To help us with shrinking we rely on Haimer Power Clamp technology. This patented technology helps the user to clamp tools within seconds and in a very simple way with the I4.0 solution. In addition, the cooling sockets minimise the waiting time before the tool is ready to be used.
Haimer Power clamp
Shrinking Technology

Makino - Precisely!

Tool-measuring lasers inside the machine are becoming more and more popular. The ability to measure inside a machine gives the user lots of possibilities in terms of wear control, adjustment and safety checks.
However, we need to make one thing clear: when a machine is measuring, it is not earning money! We therefore need to define the tasks the internal laser has to perform. Standard tool length measurements are a process that can be done outside the milling machine.

Makino recommends trying to measure:
  • As precisely as possible – use only the best technology
  • Using a single source of data – don’t measure in two different places
  • Trying to measure tool lengths outside the machine in the majority of cases

Zoller, a world leader in pre-setting machines with almost 75 years of experience, is our preferred partner. Their ability to measure "the micron", easy-to-use user interface and connectivity with our machines make them the clear choice for a world leader in precision such as Makino.
Zoller - Venturion
Makino - Precisely!