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Thin-rib graphite electrodes

Smooth motion and spindle running

The requirements for sinker EDM applications are getting more demanding – smaller contours in a shorter machining time. That increases the challenges for the electrode maker.

Electrode materials such as graphite are more common nowadays. But with its non-metallic atomic structure graphite easily brakes out at edges, which makes it difficult for thin-rib machining.

Specification of the sample:
Size  40 x 40 x 80 mm
Material  Graphite Poco EDM 2
Machining Time  00 hours 16 min
Tools  Two tools of two kinds
Width at tip  0.5 mm
Rib height  45 mm
Taper angle  0.5°

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D200Z - Graphite options

D200Z is a machine that by its size is ideal for the complex and precise electrodes. Therefore we have plenty of options for the user.

In case customer is used to work with dry cutting then we have the "dry graphite specification". This machine features a strong extraction system which is able to suck all the dust generated, and a large number of additional nozzles to ensure that the sensors are not being affected by the graphite dust.

The other option is to use the "wet graphite unit", here we install an additional filtration unit from RumA and another chip coveyour. The machine in this case can be used for both metallic materials and a as well graphite. A very versatile solution for the most demanding customers

Super Geometric Intelligence.5

5-axis simultaneous movements put a great deal of stress on a machine tool. All 5-axis machines have to be perfectly synchronised and follow the NC program at the speed the CAM programmer set. In addition, there are a lot of imperfections coming from the NC program, such as errors in the 3D models and too few points for a perfect definition of the shape. That is why our D200Z uses the unique properties of Professional 6 to smooth up all these issues:
  • GI Scratch: Scans the NC code to look for imperfections that normally come from the 3D model, e.g. sewing errors between surfaces in the 3D data
  • GI Smoothing: Whereas traditional NC controls smooths toolpaths, Professional 6 smooths surfaces. The NC control scans the program and modifies it.

Together with the benefits of smooth spindle running and less vibration, fast machining speeds and high acceleration, the D200Z is the ideal machine thin rip graphite electrodes.