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Makino’s Versatile Intelligent Production  (VIP) system is an automated work-holding pallet system with standardised zero-clamping system connecting machining centres and material handling systems.

Guaranteed precision clamping

On VIP, the workpiece transportation is done utilizing  Work Holding Pallets (WHP) with zero-point clamping system and  a 6-axis robot. 
Due to the accessibility of the robot, VIP has no problem on clamp the WHP in both horizontal and vertical machining centres with the possibility to combine both in one system.
Guaranteed precision clamping

VIP Single Machine Solution

Using VIP with an stand alone machine, we can convert any machining centre on a fully independt, smart automation. Makino Professional 6 controller has cell-control functions to be able to utilize the components of VIP like if a standard pallet changer was. This eases up the utilization of the machine.

The stand alone version of VIP provides:

-Work Management pallet/fixture/part
-NC Program Management
-Tool Data Management
-Tool life prediction
-Dynamic Scheduling
-Monitoring and Report
-System Utility

VIP Single Machine Solution

VIP Multiple Machine Solution

But not only stand alone version exists. Makino's VIP can connect up to a maximum of 8 Makino machining centres and 4 work setting stations. Owners of VIP can rely on the autonomy provided by the automation, knowing that will be working overnight with no need of operators in front of the machines. 

The operator control unit contains in this case:

 - PC for cell-management software MAS-A5

 - PLC based cell controller

VIP Multiple Machine Solution