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Production is a field which requires multiple areas of expertise.

From machine tool to programming, all aspects are important, and the maximum performance will be set by the weakest link in the chain.  Customers coming to Makino looking for a partner to grow with, that's why Makino uses his application expertise to help customer maximise the output of their production elements.

Precisely! is our way to open our knowledge and philosophy to our customers.  We will share technology articles, machining techniques, our history and experiences.

Through Precisely! you will get a glimpse of what working together with Makino can be.


Fuel Cell

Fuel cells are claimed to be one of the technologies for the cars of the future. For us manufacturers getting ready for the type of machining it will require may well be essential for survival.

Horizontal kinematics and 5 axis machining

Is there a conflict between flexibility and productivity?

Makino History: Part 1

The starting point of a company does not determine its future, but can impact on the philosophy behind the products.  Makino’s origins are closely linked to the development of the machine tool industry in Japan and even influenced the country’s industrial development. Starting from...

Makino History: Part 2

Historically speaking, Germany and Japan have been allies. In the 1970s, there were intensive cultural, scientific and economic exchanges. Especially in the West, the 1970s were considered to be a decade of crises, upheavals and changes. But it was precisely in this decade, in October 1978, that Makino...

Makino History: Part 3

Through its involvement in Europe Makino can look back on a long history that began with the traditional German company Heidenreich & Harbeck GmbH in the 1970s.

Digitisation – the Makino way

In April 2019 Makino Asia opened a Smart Factory that is expected to nearly double its machine production capacity through automation and digital technology. This Smart Factory is especially designed to fulfil the growing demand for high-quality products and state-of-the-art accuracy-building capacities...

Northern Europe and the importance of the high-precision market

The Heart of the Machine

Why are manufacturers immediately seen as belonging to an elite when they buy a Makino machine?

Unique Makino: Part 1

"Quality first" has been our backbone since Tsunezo Makino coined this motto. Quality is not just about the Makino machines; “Quality first” applies to our products, services and employees with the objective of gaining the trust of users, sellers and manufacturers.

Unique Makino: Part 2

In today’s machines you will find an unlimited number of sensors compensating for this and that. But at Makino we don’t believe in compensating for every mechanical weakness. We think that our machines have to be well designed mechanically right from the beginning. In mechanical terms our...

Who said that graphite milling is easy?

Modern electrode production has to meet more requirements than before.

Why Makino has a dedicated Aerospace Business Unit

Aerospace projects are extremely complex and customers’ standards are very high.

Why invest in Makino's three-axis solutions?

For the past ten years, five-axis technology has become increasingly popular in tool making. Rightly so, we say at Makino. In just one setup you can machine five sides of a work piece, are free in your tool attack angle, and can use shorter tools.