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Production is a field which requires multiple areas of expertise.

From machine tool to programming, all aspects are important, and the maximum performance will be set by the weakest link in the chain.  Customers coming to Makino looking for a partner to grow with, that's why Makino uses his application expertise to help customer maximise the output of their production elements.

Precisely! is our way to open our knowledge and philosophy to our customers.  We will share technology articles, machining techniques, our history and experiences.

Through Precisely! you will get a glimpse of what working together with Makino can be.


Fuel Cell

Fuel cell postulates as one of the future technologies for the future cars, but for us, manufacturers, being ready for the type of machining it will require...can be essential for the survival of the manufacturing companies.

Makino History: Part 1

The starting point of a company does not determine the future of the company, but can impact the philosophy behind the products.  Makino origins are closely link to the industrial development of machine tool industry in Japan and even impacted the industrial development of the country. Starting...

Unique Makino

"Quality first" has been our backbone since Mr. Makino coined this motto. Quality is not just about the machines, J. Makino stated that Quality First applies to products, services and employees with the objective on mind to gain the trust among users, sellers and manufacturers